In 2013, ROBINSON (RAS) won the contract to provide new aerial photogrammetric mapping with the City to be the basis of developing the new digital tax maps to be in the NJ State Plane Coordinate System and ultimately in the GIS system for the City and NJ State GIS Database.

This project required RAS to obtain new digital color aerial imagery with Airborne GPS/IMU data that encompasses the entire City of Passaic (plus 200 beyond the boundary), establish GPS ground control values for the picture point locations that RAS will select, perform aerial triangulation and bundle adjustments in order to compile 1”=50’ planimetric (topographic optional) mapping and digital orthoimages in concurrence with ASPRS Class 1 Specifications.

Providing a City or Municipality with new tax maps in a digital format is both complex and labor intensive. This is due in part to the fact that historically these maps were developed and created by hand drafting methods. Today, municipalities either use the traditional hand drafting method, a digital CAD methodology or a combination of the two.

This ortho-photo consisted of over 100 individual images and approximately 60 tiles. Final product was delivered in AutoCAD format on DVD, and included a photogrammetric ground control report. All maps conform to ASPRS Class 1 Standards.