Facilities Improvements at Garden State Parkway and NJ Turnpike


  • Electrical Engineering
  • CCTV/Security Signals/Communications
  • HVAC/Plumbing/Fire Protection
  • Design Drawings
  • Construction Specifications

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT AND EXPANSION OF ROLE: Construction of a new Hamilton Trans Complex.  The new Hamilton Transit Complex consists of a new rail station on the Northeast corridor line (NEC) with high level platforms; Park and Ride Facility for 1700 cars; a bus maintenance facility of approximately 120,000 square feet with indoor storage capacity for 80 coaches; and an employee parking lot.

The new Bus Maintenance Facility included bus storage and maintenance areas, bus service lanes, bus wash lanes, chassis wash lanes, fueling lanes, paint booth, wastewater treatment area, offices, toilets and locker rooms, lunch rooms, parts storage area, welding shop, battery room, lube room, dynamometer room, brake bay and electronic repair shop.

Relevance: This Transit Complex included a group of different types of buildings such as a “Park and Ride” facility, “Bus Maintenance” facility, rail station, and an employee parking lot. It was a very multifaceted project which required a complex integration of the MEP design and Communication Systems design among all the buildings.