The existing NEC infrastructure has reached capacity during peak periods. The expanded morning peak service for trains operating between Jersey Avenue Station in New Brunswick, NJ New Jersey State Rail Plan Public Draft 5-5and New York is crucial to meet the high passenger demands in this area.

The Mid-Line Loop will enable expanded crossings of NEC Middle Zone trains. Once built, it would allow trains originating from Jersey Avenue to cross NEC tracks without interfering with train movements on the other tracks. The improvements would speed up operations and provide substantial additional capacity that could be used to increase the number of trains when necessary.

As part of the Parsons Brinkerhoff team, Robinson AerialSurveys, Inc. (RAS) provided new color digital aerial photography consisting of approximate twenty-two (22) exposures at a scale of 1”=600’.

AS’ survey crew established the primary and photogrammetric ground control required. RAS also provided comprehensive topographic mapping for a project area spanning approximately 465 acres.