Robinson was chosen to provide engineering design and construction administration for a new automatic, wet-pipe fire sprinkler system and water flow detection to be installed at the Morris County Courthouse. This Project calls for installing a new automatic fire sprinkler system in certain areas only of the Courthouse. The new system will connect to the existing SMC-MUA water main located at the corner of Ann Street and Western Avenue in Morristown. The new system should connect to the existing electrical service and the existing fire alarm control panel (FACP) in the Courthouse.


As part of this project Robinson included a new electric booster pump in the architecture to assure that water pressure to the new fire sprinkler system meets code requirements, should their investigation results show this measure to be necessary. The new automatic fire sprinkler system will be in compliance with current NFPA codes and standards as they relate to the design and installation of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems.


Our team was responsible for scope report, drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for plumbing and wet type sprinkler systems for offices, locker rooms, gymnasium, library, education/program rooms, kitchen/dining areas, visiting center, supervisor offices, lobby and reception area. Services covers replacement of entire sprinkler system including control valves, pipes, sprinkler heads, tamper & flow switches, construction management services including review of shop drawings, scheduling, review of contractor payments, change order analysis and negotiation, review and respond to RFI’s, permits and approvals, attending construction progress meetings, coordination, preparation of MEP punch lists, and review of MEP as-built drawings.