This is ongoing project will result in the replacement of the 14th street viaduct over Conrail and local streets in the City of Hoboken and City of Union. The existing viaduct is a 31 span structure 1,460 feet in length. Built in 1908, the existing viaduct is non-redundant, structurally deficient and functionally obsolete. The proposed replacement will consist of an eight-span 1177 foot long structure consisting of multi-steel girders. The lower portions of the existing viaduct will be replaced with a retained earth section.

Robinson, as sub-consultant to TY Lin, is performing Construction Management and Inspection Services. The scope of work includes monitoring daily construction services, constructability analysis of the design, review of cost estimates, review of safety compliance, review of contractor’s payment requisitions, preparation of progress daily inspection reports and preparation of meeting minutes. Review of shop drawings, contractor payments/verification, change order analysis and negotiation, scheduling and review of as-built drawings.