Robinson was contracted to perform quality control inspection services for the two (2) existing Cranberry and Rutgers tube Rehabilitation project, which is approximately 7,117 feet for Cranberry and 5,935 feet for Rutgers. The work involves rehabilitation for Infrastructure (the demolition and reconstruction of some sections of the existing duct banks), rehabilitation and refurbishing of two existing Circuit Breaker Houses, equipment replacement and minor enclosure repair in Cliff Street Substation, track replacement, tunnel lighting, pump rooms, fan plants, signal lights, signal heads, removal and replacement of communication cables, traction power and other miscellaneous and incidental works.

Robinson scope included reviewing, commenting and making written recommendations concerning the Construction Contractor’s Quality Control and Assurance Programs with regard to coverage, adequacy and conformance to contract requirements; preparing written reports for NYCT including status of programs, and any non-conformance and/or deficiencies noted, perform monthly audits of the Contractor’s Quality Program. Documenting and keep logs for all Quality Work Plans. Utilizing the Quarterly Quality Oversight Checklist contained in the PMGs to keep NYCT advised of all findings. Perform daily surveillance and inspections of the construction contractor to assure that the work is being completed in accordance with the requirement of the contract documents. Oversee the daily quality control activities performed by the contractor for quality assurance.