Located over the Shark River, the bridge was constructed in 1921 and carries more than 40 trains each weekday. The main focus of construction work will be on the approaches to the bridge. NJ TRANSIT replaced the existing timber trestles with precast concrete box beams on concrete filled pipe piles. These repairs helped to modernize the 86- ear-old bridge, extending its useful life and ensuring reliable and safe operation for years to come.

In 2006, in preparation for the necessary construction, RAS was tasked by Medina Consultants, P.C. now T.Y. Lin International) to obtain new black and white aerial photography, perform aero triangulation and 1”=30’ (one foot contour interval) topographic mapping for this project that involved the replacement of the approach and flanking spans for the two-track, 510′ long Shark River Movable Bridge which carries NJ Transit’s North Jersey Coast Line.